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History of the Palm Room

Designed with an eye to Edwardian’s fascination with a return to nature, the Palm Room was named for the leafy green plants that originally filled the space.  The Belvedere’s original reading room had doors that opened up to an outside court yard and Tiffany glass skylights shone daylight into the handsome interior that would rival any hotel in the Mid-Atlantic.

“The Palm Room presented a beautiful and animated scene throughout the evening.  Groups sat at each of the cozy tables, chatting, and other groups strolled in and out, while the brilliant glow of the lights and the sparkle of gems gave added beauty to the scene.”- The Baltimore Sun, December 15, 1903

General Information

  • Beautiful floor-to-ceiling mirrors
  • Adorned with rich velvet curtains
  • Located on the lobby level
  • Can be used in conjunction with John Eager Howard or Charles Ballroom or entirely on its own
  • Gold chiavari chairs included with all events


Download printable pdf of the Palm Room here.


Seated and Served Receptions with dance floor — 50 guests
Seated and Served Banquets (no dance floor) — 70 guests
Buffet and Stationed Receptions with dance floor — 50 guests
Buffet and Stationed Banquet (no dance floor) — 70 guests
Cocktail Reception — 80 guests
Theater or Ceremony — 150 guests
Classroom — 48 guests
Hollow Square — 46 guests
U-Shape — 44 guests
Conference — 40 guests
Square Footage — 1,454′
Please note, all capacities are based on maximum usage of the ballroom and every event’s needs are unique. Please consult with your Event Specialist regarding your event.

John Eager Howard

The Palm Room

The Charles

Grand & Platinum