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Rehearsal Dinners

If you’re looking to impress your out-of-town guests, you have found the perfect rehearsal dinner space. We’re here to provide you with creative menu, bar and design options that enable you to simplify the process of planning this affair. Let’s not overthink this. Planning a fabulous party should be fun and it is with Belvedere & Co. Events. Let’s start planning your celebration today.

The 13TH Floor

Plated affair, up to 85 guests

Stationed affair, up to 65 guests

John Eager Howard Ballroom

Plated dinner affair, up to 120 guests

Stationed affair, up to 100 guests

Palm Ballroom

Plated affair, up to 50 guests

Stationed affair, up to 40 guests

The Owl Bar

Large Party, up to 30 guests

Inquire for a private event

I live in Queens and my son lives in Baltimore, so when it came time to plan the Rehearsal Dinner for his wedding in Baltimore I did not know where to begin. My daughter and I visited many restaurants and could not seem to find a place that would meet our needs. While in Baltimore on one visit my daughter looked up at this building and saw lights from a party. We asked my son what it was and he said "The 13th Floor. " We went there the next day, loved it, and within a week booked our event. Brooke handled our event from start to finish and she was AMAZING!! She answered every email, phone call, had great suggestions with seating and menu planning and accommodated every request we had!!!! She truly cared about our event. The Rehearsal dinner took place and it was PERFECT!! The room looked beautiful, the food was DELICIOUS, and everyone had a WONDERFUL time. The guest LOVED the view while enjoying themselves. During the event, we had David as our Event Captain and he was by my side the entire evening making sure everything was running smoothly and that everyone was happy. I cannot thank Brooke and the staff of The 13th Floor enough for a truly special event.

-Donna, March 2022

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